7 Best Logistics Management Books You Should Read

09 Oct

There are so many different facets and books for Supply Chain Management; it can be overwhelming when it comes to actually choose which reference book(s) to purchase. To help readers I have recommended these 7 Supply Chain Management Books for Beginners. Some readers have asked me can I recommend Logistics Management books which leads me to write this blog.

In addition to below-recommended guides are useful in addition to below mentioned Logistics Management Books, you will find

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Best Logistics Management Books

In this blog, I will give you my pick of the 7 Best Logistics Management books out there that I believe not only help with the theoretical, ideal scenarios but will equip you to tackle and adapt your knowledge to any real-world situation you may find yourself in.


1.     Lean Supply Chain and Logistics Management (1st Edition): Paul Myerson


This is the first of 2 Logistics Management Books by Paul Myerson that I have selected.  This book is an all-in-one must-have for all Supply Chain practitioners/managers and if you know someone who is, I think this will serve well as a perfect gift that will keep on giving!!!


It brings together Supply Chain Management, Lean and Logistics in a readable manner that not only engages the reader but by using real-world examples to explain the theory of logistics, instantly allows you to draw parallels with your own experiences and what you can do to further your knowledge and, if you are a practice manager, provides an excellent reference for practical application on how to drive down cost by understanding and learning how to identify and eliminate waste within your supply chain.


All the basic and advanced Logistics tools are introduced and there are also a lot of charts and visual aids further helping the reader visualize the concepts being introduced and put into practice.


This book is perfect for anyone involved in Logistics and Supply chain whether they are new to the field or experienced practitioners. It focuses on the logistics side of Supply Chain – for more in-depth and full coverage of all aspects of Supply Chain please refer to his book choice 3: Supply Chain and Logistics Management Made Easy: Methods and Applications for Planning, Operation, Integration, Control and Improvement, and Network Design (1st Edition): Paul A. Myerson


2.     Warehouse Management: A Complete Guide to Improving Efficiency and Minimizing Costs in the Modern Warehouse (2nd Edition):  Gwynne Richards


A critical and integral aspect of any supply chain and Logistics is Warehouse management. How successfully warehouses are managed is the key to driving costs down, increasing profit margins and making your supply chain efficient and successful.


This book by Gwynne Richards provides all the know-how for Warehouse Management and is the perfect manual-albeit a hefty one!


It simply covers everything you will ever need to know about warehouse management from what you may consider the obvious ‘role of the warehouse’ to systematically covering all things warehouse thereafter.


I have made the particular reference to ‘Role of the Warehouse’ because, since studying Business Studies in school, I always found that business really is about recognizing and understanding  the obvious in order to make the rest of the complex stages a success. For that, and to put it into words, which when you are reading them you are thinking ‘obviously’ you have to step outside the box in order to see it. The author does that fantastically well, making this book my go-to reference for Warehouse Management hence featuring in my 7 Best Logistics Management Books.


3.     Supply Chain and Logistics Management Made Easy: Methods and Applications for Planning, Operation, Integration, Control and Improvement, and Network Design (1st Edition): Paul A. Myerson


This is the 2nd book by Paul A. Myerson that I have chosen to feature in my 7 Best Logistics Management Books.


As I have mentioned above, this is a great book that covers all things supply chain in such a readable, informative and understandable manner, i just wish Mr. Myers had published this book when I was studying Supply Chain Management ‘back in the day’!


This book achieves what many others can hit or miss on – it makes the complex easy to understand. If you are daunted by hearing the words Supply Chain Management, Logistics, Demand and Supply Planning or in the first instance feel you know them but you don’t then look no further for this book breaks these elements down to easy to digest concepts that you will continue to remember and understand and apply long after you have finished reading this book.


It’s a must have for students and practitioners alike.

4.     Introduction to Logistics Systems Management (2nd Edition): Gianpaolo Ghiani, Gilbert Laporte, Roberto Musmanno


This Logistics Management book is the fully revised version of the authors 2004 prize-winning 1st edition. So my impression and expectation on the outset are high.


As the title suggests, this book methodical aspects of logistics systems management and in particular places a particular emphasis on how Logistic Systems operate within an organization.


Although this Logistics Management book is tailored for both academics and industry practitioners, I would highly recommend this for the students, as the focus is far more academic. That said, it provides relevant and detailed case studies, updated models and logistics management techniques that are laid out extremely well and that will no doubt benefit all those involved in Supply Chain Logistics be it academics or supply chain practitioners.


The case studies in particular help you develop your understanding of the topics covered.

5.     International Logistics: The Management of International Trade Operations (4th Edition): Pierre A. David


In a nutshell, International logistics involves the management and movement of materials / goods / resources in a company’s supply chain across at least one international border.


For managers particularly involved with international import and export, this is the ideal reference to get straight to the point of international logistics. It is tailored to suit both students and practitioners – it is in-depth yet concise on all aspects of international logistics and is a must for any student or practitioner learning or working in international trade.


6.     The Handbook of Logistics and Distribution Management: Understanding the Supply Chain (5th Edition): Alan Rushton, Phil Croucher, Peter Baker


Again, another Logistics Management book that is very readable and covers all elements of Supply Chain Management, Logistics and Distribution Management as well as Planning for Logistics.


It provides a broad framework for Planning that is clearly set out and is easy to grasp. The information is up to date with the current workings and adaptations of tool used in the supply chain.


7.     Business Logistics: Supply Chain Management (5th Edition) L Ronald H. Ballou


The first and foremost fact to note is that this book has accompanying software and is particularly aimed at the student market.


The software provides support and enhances the knowledge embedded in the text.


It’s well presented and the software is an excellent combination to provide the ‘practice’ side of Logistics Management from the comfort of your classroom. Highly recommended.

So, here you have it, having practised and studied SCM extensively throughout my student days and now my career so far, here are my 7 Best Logistics Management Books as currently available on the market. I hope you will find them as beneficial as I have.


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  • Andy Reichhardt

    My suggestion would be to conduct a survey among your readers regarding the best books or use any other more scientific methodology. We all have opinions, but is that enough to publish a list? For example, in one blog someone once ranked books based on their Google Scholar citations. I have also seen book rankings based on how often they were used in MBA courses, which is easy to count if you look into the curricula of good biz schools. In other words, a fact-based list rather than just a list that is based on one opinion would be much more reliable and trustworthy. What we need in the “post-truth” age is more fact-based knowledge and less opinions. In politics the latter has led to politicians like Trump.

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      Hi Dr David, I have sent you email from my private email address to understand your proposal for collaboration further.


  • Wm. David Levesque

    I recommend adding Edward H. Frazelle to your list. He authored “Inventory Strategy”, “Supply Chain Strategy” and “World-Class Warehousing and Material Handling” (readily available on Amazon.com). His Supply Chain model features 5 focuses and begins with customer service (not cost control), yet averages total system savings of 1-5% of sales where implemented – while raising service levels.

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