Dr. Muddassir Ahmed

Founder & CEO - SCMDOJO

Dr. Muddassir Ahmed is a Manufacturing Operations, Procurement and Supply Chain leader from international multi-site manufacturing experience in Electrical, Hydraulics, Automotive and Internet industries. With considerable experience in deploying Continuous Improvement best practices in Europe, Middle East & Africa.

Dr. Muddassir Ahmed has received a Ph.D. in Management Science from Lancaster University Management School, a MSc. in Management of Production from Chalmers University of Technology, Göteborg, Sweden, and a B.E. in Textile Engineering from NED University of Engineering and Technology, Karachi, Pakistan. Muddassir is a Six Sigma Black Belt and has founded scmdojo.com – with moto

“Supply Chain Knowledge and Solutions for Everyone”

Under the brand of SCMDOJO Dr. Muddassir Ahmed provides specialist Master Class/Workshop in following topics:

• How to Create Supply Chain Strategy.

• Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) Workshop – Introduction, Process Steps and Implementation Challenges.

• Art & Science of Inventory Management.

• How to Drive Continuous Improvement in Supply Chain

• Supply Chain Digital Transformation – Where to Start?

Dr. Muddassir is Global Keynote Speaker & leading blogger and vlogger in Supply Chain Space. His blog has had over 3.4 Million views in the last 3 years and has more than 250,000 views of his YouTube Channel videos organically.

SCMDOJO now has more than 55,000 visitors and 80,000-page views a month. With 31,700 active Newsletter subscribers, and a tribe of over 82,000 social media followers who mostly supply chain professionals. All these numbers are growing every day and we are creating a bigger and stronger community.

SCMDOJO which has been ranked at Number 5 in Top 75 Supply Chain Blogs by feedspot.com & Number 2 amongst Top 70 Supply Chain YouTube Channels

Courses by Dr. Muddassir Ahmed

S&OP course

How to Run a S&OP Process – Benefits, Process Steps & Overcome Barriers

5.0 (1) 2.5 Hrs

This course essentially answers the question: How Do You Run an S&OP Process Everyone Understands.

$ 59