Which is The Best Supply Chain Management Book? Top 7 for Beginners

08 Apr

Which is the best Supply Chain Management Book for beginners like me to learn operations and supply chain?” someone ask me on Quora. And I thought I could write a blog on this and can mention 7 of them, rather than 1!  Although Supply Chain Management can be encapsulated in a definition presented in my old blog here, however, these definitions explode into an immeasurably vast field not only for studying but also for working within. There are so many sub-fields and branches that it can be quite confusing to determine which area you wish to study or specialise in. Here are some Best books on Supply Chain Management  that will provide some reading to inspire and educate you along the Supply Chain Education and also in your Career Development journey.

Readers have liked my books recommendations for materials managementoperations management, and logistics management. Which you can refer to further expand your knowledge in these areas.

These top 7 picks of Supply Chain Management books are for beginners as well as experienced practitioners which I feel can help you on your way to deciphering this minefield! Please click on the heading to get them through Amazon.


1.     Operations Management – 7th Edition


Author: Prof Nigel Slack et. Al (2013)


This book provided a fantastic introduction about all I needed to know about Operations Management whilst studying for my Masters at Chalmers University of Technology – It is clearly written and understandable and provides an excellent foundation in developing and building on the knowledge gained from this book.


This book is ideal for business students as well as practitioners and non-practitioners of Operations Management as it is packed full of case study examples. I must confess I read it more than twice and hence it has a lot of coffee stains. What I loved about this book was its revelations on how to different aspects of operations management are inter linked both in manufacturing and service organisations. It was the best reference book I had for all Operations Management topics and I think it is still the best now!


2.     Logistics and Supply Chain Management (Financial Times Series)


Author: Prof Martin Christopher (2011)


When I started working in the supply chain field, I knew the basics and a lot of theory associated with the concepts of Supply Chain Management (SCM) but I just didn’t feel as well equipped as I felt I should practically having joined a large corporation.


This Supply Chain book provides a modern up-to-date insight into the latest ideas about Supply Chain Management from a real-world perspective. It provided invaluable insight that I was able to apply as and when I needed to.


3.     Global Logistics & Supply Chain Management


Author: John Mangan, Chandra Lalwani et. Al (2011)


The authors of this best supply chain book / manual have done a fantastic job with providing the basics of Supply Chain Management that beginners can grasp by almost going out of their way in explaining technical terms before going ahead and using them. As stated in their preface, the authors really do ‘stick to the point’ which is what a beginner wants and needs!


4.     Business Process Management: Profiting from Process


       Author: Roger Burlton (2001)


A key requirement in any successful business is its ability implement to change when required to stay in the game so to speak and there are many books out there that address Business Process Management – but this book stands out from the crowd.


Not only does it address process management in a practical way by taking you through the stages of business transformation in a step-by-step manner but provides examples and tips that you can identify with in your own company.


I would go so far as to say that this book is not only ideal for the beginner but for experienced practitioners as the go-to reference manual.


5.     Management by Process: A Practical Road-map to Sustainable Business Process Management


Author: John Jeston, Johan Nelis (2008)



This book openly faces the current reality of businesses being predominantly functional based organisations and the natural reluctance to implement a change in the way they function and operate by adopting the Process Management approach.


What I like about this book is that it does not blindly sing the praise of Business Process Management as ‘the silver bullet’ but instead introduces a variety of real-world case studies and explain around it the importance of process within the organisation and then follow it through by providing a process-driven framework.

6.     Operations and Supply Chain Management


Author: F. Robert Jacobs, Richard B Chase, Nicholas J Aquilano (2010)


If you want to learn more about the art, the challenges and the processes of the Operations and Supply Chain Management sphere then this book is packed full of insights. If you are an student, teacher, business person or you are breathing and have a pulse….doesn’t everything involve being business?…then read this book.


This Supply Chain Management book was easy to follow and easy to read. As one buyer commented “Short and to the point chapters, end of chapter problems/quizzes/definitions that are helpful. It also has solved problems in the chapter and at the end which is nice”.


7.     Purchasing and Supply Chain Management


Author: Robert M. Monczka, Robert B. Handfield, Larry C. Giunipero, James L. Patterson. (2015)


This book is written by some heavyweights of Supply Chain education worlds, hence, it comes with a very hefty price tag!!


As Authors have mentioned in the introduction of this Purchasing and Supply Chain Management book “the text includes critical developments from the field, such as cases from emerging healthcare and service industries, procure-to-pay redesign, supply risk, innovation, sustainability, collaboration, and much more. It also examines key changes in supply management and the impact of the global economy and ongoing business uncertainty on continuous cost and value management across the supply chain. Numerous real-world cases and captivating examples give you contextual insights and knowledge into the strategies, processes, and practices of supply management. PURCHASING AND SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT, 6E equips future managers with a thorough understanding of the impact that purchasing and supply chain management have on the competitive success and profitability of today’s organizations”.


As I have been both teacher and students in a previous life, these books resonated with me. It provides an inspiring insight into how when finding your passion and combining it with your innate abilities and talents can take a life & supply chain as a profession from drudgery to a masterpiece.

Enjoy the reading and let me know if you have read any other useful Books on Supply Chain Management and want to include in this list!

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  • Michael Hugos

    Hi Muddassir,

    These 7 books are all fine books, and I wonder why you didn’t include the book reported by Amason as the best selling supply chain book since 2004 – Essentials of Supply Chain Management. The book is now in its 3rd edition. It is written by a practicing supply chain professional. There are more than 40 reviews of the book on Amazon (as seen in the United States). As one recent reviewer said, “great overview if you are considering going to graduate school for supply chain management”. Another recent reviewer said “I wish I could take the knowledge in your book and implant it into some of the people in my organization!”

    Here is the link to its Amazon listing – http://www.amazon.com/Essentials-Supply-Chain-Management-Third/dp/0470942185/

    The author is also co-founder of SCM Globe which provides a cloud-based supply chain modeling and simulation app that is used in education and business. Brunel University in the UK has been using it in their supply chain courses for several years. It’s used at McGill University in Montreal, and schools in the States such as Florida Inst of Technology, MIT, University of Maryland University College, University of West Virginia to name a few). Here is the link to their website http://www.scmglobe.com

    Michael Hugos – author of Essentials of Supply Chain Management… 🙂
    P.S. I would love to schedule a 45 minute web demo to show you more about SCM Globe if you are interested

    • muddassirism

      Hi Michael Hugos, I will surely include this in my resources section. Many thanks.

  • Ryan Faruk

    how about Sunil Chopra’s book?

    • muddassirism

      Hi Ryan, I will add this as well in Resources tab.

  • Art van Bodegraven

    There is always Fundamentals of Supply Chain Management – An Essential Guide for 21st Century Managers, by Art van Bodegraven and Kenneth B. Ackerman. A terrific introductory primer, although with publication in 2007, there have been some changes in: Transportation, 3PL consolidation, and the scope/pace of global integration.

    • muddassirism

      Thanks Art, I will add this as well if available in Amazon in resources page.

  • Mansoor Shah

    I am preparing myself for CSCP exam, i have gone through the material APICS provided but still feeling shaky to sit in exam or postpone it for next window. SCOR model is more tough for me i couldn’t get it despite many efforts. Can you suggest me anything in the light of your experiance please.

  • Memo Rodriguez

    Hi Muddassir,

    In my oppinión a great book to inspire you is ” Supply Chain Management, Best Practices, by David Blanchard”

    Memo Rodríguez
    Apics Chihuahua Chapter

    • DEBILI Samir


      Purchasing & Supply chain management

      The sixth edition , by Professors Kenneth Lysons and Michael Gillingham is the much enlarged succeful textbook in this Domain

      Best regards,

      Samir, Membership CIC

      • muddassirism

        Thanks Debili Samir- I will add.

  • Dr. Rabindranath Bhattacharya

    Sunil Chopra and Simchi Levi- These two books on supply chain seem to be the best in the world although they are yet to come out with any Chapter on big data Analytics.

    • muddassirism

      Thanks Dr. Rabindranath Bhattacharya.

  • Mike T

    Thank you so much for this list. I am a Supply Chain consultant at a large firm and was looking for a list like this to refresh and fill in any gaps in my experience.
    I would like to add my favorite supply chain book of all time, although it is written from a TOC point of view, “Supply Chain Management at Warp Speed.” The authors are Eli Schragenheim , H William Dettmer, and J. Wayne Patterson. Their book challenged many old beliefs I had from industry and consulting and gave me insights that really help me in my work.

    • muddassirism

      Thanks Mike, I will try to add in my future blog.

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  • Stuart Rosenberg

    I believe the following book should be added to the list: The Digitalization of the 21st Century Supply Chain

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