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against Looking for supply chain trainer Posted by: Hassan Khan - Need it by May 24, 2023
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I am an experienced speaker and have been selected as a Top supply chain influencer. 

$2,000.00 Fixed Price

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May 31, 2023

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Dr.Muddassir Ahmed

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  1. Yarn production: Textile manufacturers produce yarn from natural and synthetic fibers, including cotton, wool, silk, polyester, and nylon. The yarn may be spun into various types of threads, such as single or plied yarn.

  2. Fabric production: Fabric production involves weaving, knitting, or crocheting yarns or threads to create various types of fabrics, such as cotton, denim, velvet, and silk.

  3. Dyeing and printing: Textile manufacturers use various techniques to dye and print fabrics to achieve different colors, patterns, and designs. Some of the common techniques used include batik, block printing, screen printing, and digital printing.